The Driving Test

The Driving Test.

The driving test is straightforward and has been designed to see if you are able to drive safely, have a good knowledge of The Highway Code and can demonstrate this through your driving

The test will require you to:

Pass an eyesight test (if you cannot read a license plate at the required distance the test will not go ahead).

Answer two questions on ‘Show Me Tell Me’.

You will be asked to perform one of the four following exercises:-

    1. Stopping on the right and side of the road facing oncoming traffic, and reversing two car lenghts.

    2. A reverse parallel park.

    3. A reverse park into bay parking.

    4. Forward bay park.

The test includes a self navigation section that last for approximately 20 minutes. It can take two formats or a combinations of the both formats.

    Format 1. Following direction signs for a specified direction or 3 instructions accompanied with a diagram.

    Format 2. Following a sat nav for 20 minutes.

One in three tests includes the controlled stop (emergency stop).

You will also be tested on your general driving including high speed roads.

The test lasts approximately 40 minutes.


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